Drain Maintenance

Enviro Care recommends biological-dosing systems that continuously protect your kitchen drain lines from the build up of fats, oils and grease. A measured and timed dose of premium multi-strain biological uid is automatically introduced into the wastewater pipe close to your pot wash sinks and dishwashers.

Grease Dosing Systems come in many forms with most consisting of a simple peristaltic dosing pump together with bottle or cartridge of biological grease digestion uid. A simple low cost version is available which is not contained in a wall mounted casing or housing, however, delivers exactly the same outcome. The pump and or pump unit are normally wall mounted close to the source of wastewater discharge.

Regular dosing creates a living grease digestion culture within your drain lines, continuously providing protection from the build up of the fats, oils and grease, associated odour and potential pest infestation. They should always be considered as part of a grease management system and not as a stand-alone solution.