Add the ECO-TRAP BLOC directly to the grease trap. When locating the Blocs in the grease trap, DO NOT place Blocs directly into the flow of incoming sewage. The turbulence and “washing effect” will greatly reduce the longevity of this product. Ideally, the Blocs should be placed in a less turbulent area of the grease trap, but not in a dead spot. The Blocs should be suspended in the grease trap so that they are always submerged in water, even at the lowest water level. This will assure maximum contact time with the organics, providing superior results.

If a grease shelf is present during placement of the Blocs, it is recommended to raise the high level flow so that the bacteria can attack the grease shelf from the top, bottom, and sides. Results should be obtained in four to eight weeks from the time of application. If grease shelves are present at the time of application, a longer period of time may be required to obtain results.