Hydraulic Enzymes Capable of Digesting Waste Accumulations, ready to dilute in water prior to application. Bio-Enzyme products are the most concentrated, most effective, and most economical way to break down your waste & Eliminates Costly Backup like grease, fat, oil & Cellulose. The water will become clearer & surface scum will segregate.

Grease Trap enzymes and chemical frequently referred to a grease trap bacteria, biological bacterial enzymes, Biological grease treatments, dossing systems, slow-dissolve blocks, and grease Trap Treatments. This also contains Uri case, beta-gluconate, for ultimate soil release and remove odor – containing components from Urine, Vegetable, animal, or food processing wastage. Advisable for using in Long Term Care and Facilities segments.

  • Restore Clogged drain fields
  • Eliminates waste disposal odor
  • Reduces Buildup in Tanks and Pipes
  • No harmful Chemical
  • Environmentally friendly & Safe